Complete High-speed Speaker and Material Testing


MACH™ Testing
Multi Angle Computerized High-speed Testing™

Originally developed by NASA scientist, Ron Sauro, in 1968 for use in testing equipment for the Pioneer, Explorer and Voyager spacecraftsas well as the mannned Apollo lunar program. The MACH™ Testing method has been reformulated into a revolutionary process for evaluating loudspeakers and diffusers. This cross-pollination of technology from the realm of space research to the world of sound and acoustics research has produced a high-speed testing system unlike any other.

The MACH™ testing method uses a proprietary array comprised of 19 matched Earthworks M-30 microphones, three custom modified Presonus microphone preamps and a Linear X precision turntable capable of one tenth degree accuracy during the rotation of the device under test. It simultaneously samples impulse responses within an extremely large, free field environment and uses these to create loudspeaker directivity balloons in a fraction of the time used by other testing methods. This data is gathered by a multi-channel version of EASERA, using appropriate stimuli, and then is converted to EASE GLL data format, and CLF 1 and 2 formats for transmission to the client.

MACH™ Testing Array
MACH™ Testing Array

MACH™ Testing Array with Baffle
MACH™ Testing Array with Baffle.
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