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Again, the day of the second pour dawned clear and cold. Hah! Caught you!... It was a cold and rainy day in Washington on the day of our second pour. We set up the 39 meter boom again and started pouring the new ramp for the receive room. We do have to thank Jon Wade of Wades Concrete Finishing for the excellent work his company did in finishing our concrete slabs and ramps. Because of the experience before it went faster but we had in excess of 45 cubic yards to pour this day for just the one slab and ramp. As the pour went on the concrete men were smoothing and leveling as fast as the could move before they had "concrete boots". You know... I thought they were one man short when they left... Perhaps we have extra fill in the slab?.Hmmmm?

Construction-Pouring the Floating Floor

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Starting the Pour at the RampStarting the Pour at the Ramp"

Receive Room Floor Taking ShapeReceive Room Floor Taking Shape

Finishing the RampFinishing the Ramp

Hey! I Thought YOU were Watching for the Way Out!!!Hey! I Thought YOU were Watching for the Way Out!!!

Almost DoneAlmost Done!

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