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NWAA Labs Construction Pictures

These are pictures we have taken during the process of building the new testing facilities at the new location for NWAA Labs, Inc. We hope they will give you an idea of the size and vastness of this facility. We have broken the pictures down to construction time periods and will update them as we continue the construction of these "State of the Art" testing chambers. Our planned opening date is June 21, 2010.
   These are pictures of the main Campus of the Satsop Development Park. A long time ago these were building of a nuclear plant that was never completed.

The Main Campus

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Air View of Main CampusAir View of Satsop Development Park(SDP), NWAA Labs is located in the building marked in red

Ground View of Main BuildingsSDP, NWAA Labs Main Buildings

Front View of NWAA LabsFront View NWAA Labs

Rear/Side View of NWAA LabsRear/Side View of NWAA Labs

5 foot thick Main Walls5 foot thick main walls

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