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NWAA Labs Construction Pictures

The original plan was to build in this park a new acoustic lab with an anechoic chamber that would be 50f by 60 ft by 55 ft high and four very large reverberation chambers that can be used for TL testing of both walls and floors as well as HVAC. These plans had to be cut short because of the economy and bank lending. We decided to build in stages instead and this set of chamber is the first of many acoustical environments planned in the next couple of years. We also planned to make these chambers the quietest and low frequency capable as well as high level sourcing(150db). The plans were conceived by Jerry Lilly of JGL Acoustics, Issaquah, WA. We are very proud of the pans that were conceived and have posted all of the important ones for your perusal. The building this set of chambers is located in is 4 stories high, (each story is 24ft), and is 300ft By 300 Ft. We are on the top full floor and the first 2 are buried 50 ft underground. The building was designed with multple rings of walls that are 5 ft thick, reinforced concrete, and able to withstand an earthquake of 10.6 and still be standing. The environmental noise is normally around 20db outside and these rooms are inside of these thick walls and floors.

Design Plans

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Overall Plan view of NWAA Labs FloorOverall Plan view of NWAA Labs Floor

Enlarged View of NWAA Labs Main SpaceEnlarged View of NWAA Labs Main Space

Modal Analysis of Main Receive RoomModal Analysis of Main Receive Room

Enlarged TL Suite FloorplanEnlarged TL Suite Floorplan

Receive Room Section 1Receive Room Section 1


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