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NWAA Labs Construction Pictures

Had to wait a few days to get some missing construction materials. All of a sudden, in a couple of days, the walls started up really fast. Kind of like the inverse of the walls of Jericho!

Construction-Wall Construction

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The right wall studs in place.The Right Wall Studs in Place

The Left wall studs in placeLeft Wall Studs in Place

Close up of the Kinetic wall isolators holding the lower part of the wallClose up of the Kinetic Wall Isolators holding the Lower Part of the Wall

Full Height Close up of a Corner SectionFull Height Close up of a Corner Section

Closeup of Isolator on Front wallCloseup of Kinetics Isolator on Front Wall

Close up of the Isolators on the upper wallClose up of the Kinetics Isolators on the Upper Wall

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