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Construction started by trying to cut a hole in a "thin" wall. The cutting company came and estimated that a 10.5ft by 12.5 ft hole would only take a day or day and a half to cut. Little did they know that these thin walls were the walls of Troy! The marking and setup started and then we started cutting. At the end of two days we were able to only get a half of the hole completed. The cutter mentioned "A lot of steel" in this wall and showed me a cut block and I noticed that this wall had 3/4 inch rebar every six inches in both directions. He indicated this was much heavier than normal and would take a bit longer to cut because this wall had more steel than concrete in it!

Construction- "Cutting the Sample Hole"

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Marking the Wall for CuttingMarking the Wall for Cutting

Horizontal CutsHorizontal Cuts

That is a Thick WallThat is a Thick Wall!

One Down...A Whole lot to GoOne Down...A Whole lot to Go

1500 pounds! That is a Light one?1500 pounds! That is a Light one

Now We ARe Making Some HeadwayNow We are Making Some Headway

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