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The cutting continued into the 4th day and we finally got the last block cut and removed. These blocks weighed about 1500 to 1800 lbs per block and when they fell from 12 ft they made a VERY loud sound throughout the building. As can be seen in the photos the blade at one time was glowing red hot and steam was coming off the blade from the running water used to cool the blade. It is also possible to see the sparks that happened while cutting the wall every few inches from the blades hitting the 3/4 inch rebar.

Construction- "Cutting the Sample Hole"(pg2)

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What's Taking it so Long?What's Taking it so Long?


Boy! That Blade is Hot!Boy! That Blade is Hot!

Last CutLast Cut

Alright! I can get out of here after 3 and a half days!Alright! I can get out of here after 3 and a half days!

Thats One BIG HoleThats One BIG Hole

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